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Medium Brass Loose Ring Sweet Iron Ported "Comfy" Tongue Bit

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Medium Heavy loose ring. This loose ring is weighted and gives great feel in hand. The weight also assists in the bit sitting correctly and evenly in the horse's mouth.

Brass loose ring for ASH show ring or general show ring appeal. 

The Loose ring provides immediate release and relief from tongue and bar pressure when the rein is released in hand. 

Ported "Comfort" bit provides tongue release for tongue sensitive horse's.  It is also a good "go to" bit for horse's showing signs of:

  • Head shaking
  • Tongue over the bit or to hang the tongue to the side
  • Constantly shaking it's head

A horse will show an immediate acceptance of this bit if it is the correct one for your horse. The horse will become light, stop the head throwing and the opening of it's mouth. However some horse's may require "working" into the bit. Over a week the rider will see a noticeable difference in their horse, given that this is the correct bit.

Once accepted, changing the cheekpiece configurations will increase the strength of the bit. For example going from a loose ring to Universal to introduce poll pressure. We have found that this particular "comfort" bit works well in a poll pressure combination.

Sweet Iron promoting extra salivation.

The forward port also allows extra room and release from tongue pressure.

Handcrafted to Toprail Equine's International quality standard.

Designed in Australia and distributed throughout Australia and Internationally by Toprail Equine.